Answered on November 09, 2017
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  • A PMC refers to a Project Management Consultant and is generally associated with architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. Project management involves integrating the entire project team including the developer and the society, and creating synergies that lead to achievement of the project objectives which revolves around four elements: performance, cost, time and scope.

    Keep in mind the following factors while choosing a PMC

    - The PMC should have the liasoning experience with the BMC and should be very well versed with any changes/circulars from the authorities.
    - He should have a professional team to provide all the services to the society and his approach should be of the most transparent one without any vested interest.
    - The PMC needs to have a thorough knowledge of the DCR and the Bye laws of the Government.
    - The PMC should have the entire know how of the Redevelopment including the processes involved.
    - He should act as a mentor to the society where in he should look into the society's interest as a priority.
    - He should be a guiding force for the members with a holistic approach till the end.
    - He should adopt proactive methods in solving all the problems of the members
    - He should provide the society with a realistic feasible report which will help the society to know their expectation and the demand from the developer.
    - He should resolve all the issues in the most amicable way and also plan the processes in the right and a fool proof manner.
    - He should be at the disposal of the society during the entire period of construction and should advice them towards the quality/speed and efficiency of the developer.
    - He should be a neutral person in the society and should not favor any of the party in Redevelopment.
    - The PMC is basically the Society's consultant and should act as the most professional person well equipped with all the requirements of the society with respect to the Redevelopment.

    You can choose PMC by inviting tenders or by reference.

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