My deceased father has an elder brother, who is 80 years old. My father had looked after him for all his life as he is unmarried. My uncle's Will named my father for all his earthly possessions but unfortunately my father died an early death and after his death my uncle named his possession in the name of a Gurudwara without our consent. We wanted to know if we are entitled to a share in his property?


Answered on November 09, 2017
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  • Unless the Will is probated no rights flow from the same and as such unless you or your father have applied for probate of such Will, you would not be entitled to any benefits under the Will executed by the elder brother of your father. However, even if the Will is not probated, you would still have a share in the property in view of your father being one of the legal heirs of his elder brother and as such you can file a suit to challenge the transfer of the property in favour of the Gurudwara and seek your share therein.
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