The value of my ancestral home is 10 crores. We are a family of three brother and four sisters, my father passed away in 1987. My brother got a relinquishment deed signed by all of us, stating that everyone will get an equal share. One of our brothers who has now passed away, had refused to sign the deed. He has a family of three sons, a daughter and his wife. Now, my brother has gotten the property transferred in his name and built a four storey house. How can I get my share out of this?


Answered on November 09, 2017
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  • You will have to file a suit for partition of the property and in the same suit, you will have to ask for your undivided share in the estate. You dead brother's heirs will also be entitled to his un-divided share in the property. You will also have to seek cancellation of the relinqusihment deed signed by you in favour of your brother.
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